Connecting to Rail

Rail to Highway – Highway to Rail Access Points

If you have a bulk commodity or require your product(s) to be transferred onto trucks we can assist with transferring to or from our rail systems. ABDF cross-dock, storage, and Team Track locations are available throughout the ADBF rail network. You can even accumulate your product to ship once you have enough of the commodity to make the move economical!

Team Track

Even if your business doesn’t have direct rail access, we can provide a whole range of rail access points where you can load/unload your products and commodities. With Team Track, you are able to access nearby rail and schedule regular shipments by rail without the need of a spur or siding on your property.

Economic Scales

ADBF has the facilities you need to ship freight anywhere safely and economically. Whether you have, scrap metal, grain or finished goods, etc. you can take advantage of rail’s efficiency and meet all national rail requirements and certifications.

If you have any additional questions please contact:

Kyle Hnatiuk
Director of Business Development
Phone: 616-403-6761