Real Estate

ADBF Real Estate is responsible for contract and deed preparation that is related to our real estate portfolio. Please use the Contact tab to learn more and start the application process.

Accessing Property

You may access ADBF property for digging, surveys, drilling, soil sampling, and monitoring provided that permissions and right of entry permits are obtained before entering railroad property. Please be aware that trespassing on or along railroad property without written authorization is a criminal offense.

Track Leases

Lease track for your transloading, intra-plant switching/interchange, storage, and repair needs. ADBF offers several types of track leases depending upon ownership, regulatory and maintenance requirements.

Land Licenses

Land can be licensed for many commercial, industrial, agricultural, and private usage.

Utility Occupancies

Pipelines, wire lines and cable crossings that go over, under and along railroad property.

Grade Crossings

Public and private road crossings over ADBF tracks.

Insurance Requirements

When working within the railroad right of way of ADBF’s properties applicants are required to provide proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance and Railroad Protective Liability Insurance.